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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week 5: Denmark

Yay February! The month of my birth! Since I am so awesome and the world is a better place because I live here, I am commemorating this month by cooking food from the places where my ancestors came from. For the first week, I did Denmark! I love Denmark! My grandma loves to make us aebleskivers, a sphere-shaped apple-filled pancake-thing. But other than that, I've never really eaten the food of my people.

Pardon my French, but Denmark is badass. The way it got its name, so legend tells, is that when King Dan conquered the Roman Emperor Augustus (yes, THAT Augustus), the people named the country after him. The Danes were also. . . VIKINGS!!!!! I love vikings!!!!! They are so cool and they discovered America, for real unlike that impostor we shall only call Chris. A cool little family fact, there was this great viking called Canute the Great. I don't know if that is who he is named after, but my cousin's name is Knute, and I know his name is Scandinavian. So that's awesome.

Denmark is a super green country. Green in the environmentally friendly sense, although it is green in the landscape sense as well. There is a monarchy similar to England. Their Queen's name is Margarethe II and their Prime Minister is Lars Løkke Rasmussen. Way cool name!

Alright, the food.

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