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Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2: Done!

Yay Latvia! Oh my heck! So tasty were the delicious creations of last night! I made Frikadeļu zupa, a meatball and vegetable soup. So a little bit about meatballs. I don't like them. I never have. But, I came to this conclusion as a child when I saw one and thought, "GROSS!" I have never actually eaten one, at least not that I recall. Until last night! And they are tasty! The soup was so wonderful; loved all that fatty goodness!

I served it with rye bread (which I bought because, hello, I'm a college student and don't have two days to spend making bread) which is the bread of choice in the Baltics. It was great at absorbing all of the extra broth and fat!

For dessert, we had an apple loaf. It didn't have a fancy Latvian name. But I swear it was authentic! This was good, but not as good as the soup. It was really moist on the inside but kind of crusty on the outside. And it need to be sweeter. But the chunks of apples inside were fantastic!
That's not burn on the outside, it's cinnamon, just so you know.

I would like to thank my taste testers Justin, Alexa, Kyle, Jaelyn, and Chris for venturing into the unknown world of Latvian cuisine. It was well worth it I think! And as I predicted, the fat has given me sufficient energy to make it through this week! I know I have mentioned the fat in this meal multiple times, but it's a big deal for me because I don't eat fat. Like ever. So, to finish things off, I like Latvia. A lot. And I'm glad my ancestors weren't wealthy because peasant food is really good!